The companion ladies live in an extravagant world, where only exclusive people can enjoy it. With time, this profession has become more known worldwide, thus being the most popular. These girls have managed to know what their work is like and how much a companion could earn, among others.

You can also call them chicago escorts; they offer selective services to large clients with great purchasing power. Despite providing similar prostitution services, they are girls who are two different terms that distinguish each one. In San Francisco, they are one of the best-paid escorts since their level of service is unmatched.

Today, these girls are much more demanding, and not just any client can request their services. They have to go through a background check first from the agency where the escort ladies work. Clients can request the services of a companion, but they must first provide information to make an appointment.

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To be an escort, you need certain privileges to help you work behind closed doors without doing it on the street. A companion lady must be very attractive, outgoing, intelligent, with a high level of education, elegant and intellectual knowledge. Even white women are classified as less likely to be victims of trafficking.

Due to these incredible advantages, mature escorts can charge excessively expensive fees. If it is just for a cocktail, they can charge a fee of $ 600, but if you want to hire them for a weekend, they could charge $ 10,000. These women live many adventures daily, in a world full of extravagant stories, with stumbles and high heels.

There are many countries where it is very difficult to find a job that can meet your expectations. That is why large agencies nowadays provide the opportunity for these types of women to be company ladies. Most of these agencies have ethical principles and are also run by women. They are luxury houses with profitable benefits.

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This service is not only based on having sex with clients but also on knowing them and knowing a little about them. They work in sessions where they first go to dinner with their clients and talk a little about art, philosophy, literature, and politics. By stimulating the brain, one of the largest sex organs, you will achieve everything with those clients.

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Believe it or not, there are already many women who are part of this profession and at the same time have another profession in the day. Do not be surprised to see therapists, lawyers, psychologists, doctors, and others being escorts since they have no prejudice. You can communicate with a female escort through her website or authorized agencies.

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