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Having sexual enjoyment is one of the best pleasures in life, and it is also an act of joy given to the body. That is why there are many possibilities to go further and generate much more pleasure than you imagine. You can look up old sex manuals to help you better reference the positions you can do, which will cause you great amazement by the exciting power they generate just by thinking that they are doing it. Therefore your mind will begin to imagine all that you can do to achieve great arousal.

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The most dare positions to enjoy with an escort

The first is the "69," which represents this number with the bodies unleashing a lot of excitement and pleasure. Being one of the most recommended and erotic positions in sex manuals. It would be best to lay down on the partner oppositely so that both members stimulate each other with their mouths.

There is also a very famous one that is the "king's throne" because a king deserves great oral sex. Being the ideal position to do oral sex, you will lie down, and your partner will sit on his face. So that your genital is positioned over the mouth and you can control oral penetration.

The third is called "the cascade," the position has high standards of arousal in which the man must lie down for the woman to sit on her erect member and master the level of penetration. The fourth is the "snow angel," being one of the most ardent and that every escort will want to practice with you. She must lie on her back while you lie on her stomach on the opposite side to perform a penetration so that both of you enjoy it.

In the fifth position is "the spider," which is the deepest penetration of this list. Because the girl is the one who is in control of her, and she decides how much penetration she will be. The "cat's tongue" is also one of many people's favorites because it allows them to take the woman's legs to lick the clitoris until it causes the desired orgasm. Another that is also very popular is the "deep throat," where oral penetration is pleasant. In which you must stand while the woman is on her knees giving her oral sex.

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