The virtual voicemail system is based on a computer system voip extension. In which users allow to exchange the information in the audio form. You can select the message and deliver the voice message to the other user and organization. Apart from this, this is an easy way to retrieve the message and communicate between the users. There are describing some retrieving messages below.

Full mailbox features

When the mailbox is full then you received the notification related to this. In the next stage, you can also get the warn new messages that will be not recorded. Apart from this, voice mail virtual has to delete the message from the mailbox.

Reply to message

You can also reply to the message that you received directly. Apart from this, you can also reply to the message directly without having the phone of the person.

 Forward the message

When you are forwarding the messages. Then this feature helps you for recording the instruction of the message before sending the message to the voicemail and also adds the mail in the distribution list.

 Send a message to multiple boxes

 In these features of the voicemail, the user is allowed to send and receive the message and also forward to message in the mailboxes. This can be done at a single time which is essential to do this for the security of the business information.

Undelete the messages

When the user deletes the message with the help of a telephone. In addition, it cannot be deleted permanently unless the session is closed. Moreover, when retrieving the messages, you can also delete the message from the main menu and also save the message in the memory in the list of the voicemails.


It refers to recording the message according to the time and the date. In addition, it is also important to mention the information regarding the data on the envelope.

The features of message notification

Continuous paging

The voice mail system regularly updates the mailbox until the user receives a new message related to the business.

Edit sequential page

In the features of edit sequential page notification, the user can change the number while using the interface of the telephone. Apart from, this type of notification, users can get the notification at a fast speed. So, this is an important part of the notification of voicemails.

Daily notification

 You can use a phone number and time to identify the system. In addition, if you received new messages then you have to check the time and date of the voicemail.

Phone notification receives the notification in the form of a voice message. Apart from this, you also have the urgent for retrieving the new voice messages.

 Sequential notification

In the Sequential notification, the user allows get the notification related to the virtual voicemail systems. Moreover, users can notify a series of the phone number. User can also configure the service of the business which is possible by attempting the notification regarding the business information.


With the help of these features, getting information and communicating between users give a secure way to exchange information related to the business.